Web Design and Management

I have been involved in designing a number of websites for local organisations. I also have experience of assisting local companies with their social media presence online.


Writer and curator at The Church Sofa, and Dads Sofa.




Behaving Online. A Simple Rule.

With thanks to Bill, Ted, and their Excellent Adventure.


The digital ‘bill of rights’ proposed by Jeremy Corbyn

As part of his battle for Labour leadership, you may have seen Jeremy Corbyn and his plans for a Digital Democracy to “democratise the internet” mentioned in the news. It seems this would be¬†achieved by the use of a digital “bill of rights”. A more simple way of looking at this, is that Mr Corbyn […]


10 Things To Include on your Church Website

Originally posted on The Church Sofa *Trigger Warning for Satire* Earlier on today, I found myself in a conversation about Church websites, and what should really be included on them. Here are the list of things we decided¬†should be included on a church website*: Make sure you include an in-depth history of the church as […]

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